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Zpráva 218. - 27.8.2020 15:06

chcem si vyrobit smd verziu DivIDE, ake pouzit tranzistory? Mozem pouzit namiesto BC337 BC817 a namiesto BF199 BFS20?

Zpráva 217. - 16.7.2020 10:28
Ahoj. Bude někdy k dostání deska Sparrow 48K SX ?
Zpráva 216. - 12.7.2020 22:50
Dobrý den, je možné zakoupit desku ZX Sparrow?
Zpráva 215. - 29.6.2020 18:02
Viktor: I don't know what to advise. I can test your Divide by sending it to me.
Zpráva 214. - 23.6.2020 10:39
Update: I was able to track down part of the issue. Reflashed divIDE with ESXDOS 0.8.8 and it worked straight away. Detects and accesses any of my drives, NMI button works flawlessly. Everything loads, everything works, why did I even need the FATWare? But, the mapping problem bothers me still. So ROM mapping and IDE is fine, but there's definitely something wrong with the ALLRAM mapping. My memory is KM82256LP-8, 80 ns - this same speed grade I have in my Harlequin. Would be grateful for any further ideas!
Zpráva 213. - 23.6.2020 00:29
More to come. Reflashed the FATWare firmware with the 128en. The flashing went fine, but at the end was no display message, the computer just hung. After reset, the new firmware comes in (no logo), still finds the drive, but after pressing a key now behaves strange. But the most interesting happens, when I issue an OUT 227,66(with E open) - the computer hangs, not even responding to reset, displaying always the same vertical stripes: 1 pixel wide blue, 6 pixel black, again 1 pixel blue, then 8 pixels black - and this pattern repeats. Also this happens sometimes with a random power on - doesn't respond to reset, just power cycle.
Zpráva 212. - 22.6.2020 21:44
Hi, I have an issue similar to davesade. Bought a PCB, a set of GALs and the EPROM from here, made it DIY. The CF card or IDE HDD are detected fine, then pressing a key brings us to SOS. Then, after pressing the NMI - the FATWare filebrowser appears for a moment, disappears and the init sequence repeats - divIDE detects the drive and asks for a keypress. Running on a Harlequin 128 rev.D, which is picky to CPU - so I have tried several manufacturers, as well as played around with the +5V voltage - it works the best with a CMOS 20MHz Z80, and the /M1 signal is absolutely OK - it's clean and equals to the CPU one, so it's definitely not the CPU. Any ideas? Thanks!
Zpráva 211. - 07.6.2020 20:10
Noby: Diky, tak budu sledovat shop až se znovu objeví. Díky
Zpráva 210. - 07.6.2020 13:22
Michal: Bude, momentálně se čeká na sběrnicové konektory, takže nemělo cenu je znovu přidávat, když to není komplet.
Zpráva 209. - 05.6.2020 11:49
Zdravím, bude ještě k dispozici stavebnice(klidně i jen samotná deska) nebo hotový modul pro externí ROM?
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